Selasa, 03 November 2015

How time flies.

How time flies.

OMG is it really that long ago?
After just about managing to get back into some kind of routine with all my 5 kids, I thought it was time to wipe the dust off my computer and get back to writing a little here and there.
Wow! The last time I wrote on my blog was almost a year ago. Just goes to show that when you have kids, time goes by so fast. Too fast!
Anyway, amongst all the chaos and "trying" to be organised and have a routine, I thought it only fair that I try to gain some sanity and get back some of my "me" time.
Here's hoping...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother`s Day.

I love you to bits mum. Hope you have a wonderful day.
We`ve laughed, we`ve hugged, we`ve cried and we`ve yelled, but I hope you know that I love you always.
Even though we live miles away from eachother, I hope you can feel this huge cuddle I`m giving you right now. x
Thankyou for everything you`ve ever done for me. Even the tiny things that you probably think I don`t notice. Thankyou. Thankyou for being my friend and thankyou for being my mum.
Here`s to many more years of .... possibly more little yells, but mostly great times with a lot of love and happiness.
I love you millions and trillions, mum. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
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Monday, 8 March 2010

Waiting for Mr. Postman.

I`m sat here waiting for parcels. Yay! I just hope some of them do actually come today. I`ve ordered some compost, plant pots and bird food from Wilkinsons. Can`t remember if I`ve ordered anything else from there, but that`s all part of the fun when you open the box.
I`ve also ordered two tv wall brackets for the oldest two to have in their rooms. Oooh and some books for me. I couldn`t resist getting The Hairy Bikers "mums know best" cook book. When I manage to watch it on the telly, the food looks so good and (ideal for me) pretty easy. (she says.)
Delia`s coming too. I know a lot of people think "Ha! She`s old fashioned and boring!" But for those of us in the know, ie ... people who watched the programme about her the other week, she is probably one of the the most important people in cookery. I can`t remember what the book`s called now. Something basic like "How to Cook." There are three in total, but I got the big thick one which combines all three. Considering it was only a couple of quid dearer than the first book on it`s own, I had to snap it up.
What else have I ordered? ............ Oooh, hair straighteners for me and Miss Hormonal. Ordered them at boots together with about half a year`s supply of "women`s things" so she doesn`t keep running out.
Oooh, and I forgot I`ve got some dressmaker`s chalk coming from Ebay aswell.
I don`t get much of a chance to get out and about with the 3 youngest ones. It`s very tricky not having a car. So at the moment, buying online is heaven for me. I absolutely love it!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Poorly house

I`m getting fed up now. It`s been well over a week now since the dreaded sniffs and sneezes came into our house. Little Man and Tiny Man have constantly had snot dripping down to their top lip. Everyone`s had their turn at having the chills one minute and then burning up the next. We`ve had sore throats, headaches, coughs, sneezes, body aches and basically feeling like crap.... all on alternate days. So there`s never really been one day where everyone is coughing. Everyone`s had different symptoms as each other each day. And then just when you start to feel better and back to normal, we get blocked up again.

Today, it`s my oldest son`s turn to feel it worst. He`s off school and in bed with a sore throat, headache and a cough that makes him sound like an 80 year old smoker.
Little Sweet pea, has a constant runny nose.
My OH is all blocked up again.
Little Man seems (touch wood) to be getting rid of his chesty cough, although he still sounds husky when he talks.
Tiny Man is bunged up but has more of an appetite now.
Oldest daughter seems to be getting rid of her bad chest, and I feel bunged up in my head.

The house is filled with the wonderful aroma of Olbas oil, which does work, but this particular cold that we`ve got just doesn`t seem to want to go away without a fight.

I don`t have the heating on throughout the night because that just bungs you up whether you have a cold or not. Little Man and Tiny Man both get a bit of Vick rubbed into their chest and backs before bed and a few drops of baby Olbas oil on their pj`s. It really helps loosen up any phlegm on their chest, and the oil stops them getting blocked up in the middle of the night. I always put a couple more drops on their pillows when I go up to bed. I`d much rather them have a pillow full of runny snot in the mornings, than be so bunged up they just feel dreadful.

Little Sweet pea has a couple of drops of baby Olbas on her sleeping bag at night too. This really helps her sleep through the night. There`s nothing worse than seeing your baby frightened when they suddenly feel they can`t breath.

Also, here`s a tip for you. Whenever the little one`s noses are streaming down their faces, don`t use a tissue because this is what makes them start to go red and sore. I use a Johnson's wet wipe to wipe it away. Obviously not the same wipe for everyone. All three of my little ones, (the oldest two can wipe their own. lol) never get red and sore under their noses, no matter how often they need wiping. There must be just enough moisture to cleanse, but not too much where it makes them chapped. And this is the original Johnson's wipes, not the sensitive ones, so I`m not sure if it would be the same with those.

Anyways, I must dash now. Tiny Man just sneezed and is blowing bubbles out of his nose.
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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Little Man started Nursery one and a half weeks ago now, and already he`s had a tummy bug! It`s years ago since my eldest was in Nursery and I`d forgotten just how blimmin quickly these bugs are brought home. I`m just waiting for the other bugs to arrive now. You know, the ones with legs that like to live in your hair and make your life hell. Having seven heads of hair to dissect once they do set foot through the front door is not entirely appealing to me. In fact, thinking about it, I might even go out tomorrow and buy some lotions and potions. I`ve already got loads of combs .... that`s a thought, I`ll have to dig them out from whichever safe place I put them in.

Little Man`s hair is in desperate need of a hair cut too. His hair is very thick and it`s dark brown. Two big reasons why I need to cut it all off before the nits move in. Aaargh! It`s making me itch just talking about it.

Just wanted to show you this pic of him. It was taken a week before Christmas. His hair`s grown about two more inches since then. This is him singing "Balamory" into his doodle draw pen.

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Let the door be locked!

Well, we finally put a new lock on the bathroom door. We used to have one just above the door handle, but as soon as Little Man figured out how to lock himself in, he also realised he could bide his time and turn on a tap or two, chuck a few things down the toilet and open a few shampoo bottles here and there. So the lock was quickly removed. The new one is about half a mile up the door now, to ensure no little fingers can get up to mischief.

I remember when Little Man was smaller and he just started being able to reach the door handles around the house. My OH came up with the ingenious idea of putting the handles on some of the doors the wrong way round. So the handle still looked the same, but you had to lift them upwards to open the door, instead of pulling them downwards. This worked a treat! However, even though Little Man can open all of the doors now, we didn`t change the upside down handles back. This gives him great pleasure when he watches his mummy struggling to get from one room to another because she can never remember which handles go up and which ones go down.

Well anyway, I`ve now made sure that I`ve memorised which way the bathroom door handle moves, so that when no-one`s looking, I can leg it and lock myself in. Ha haaaa!
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Friday, 20 November 2009

Why is it ...?

Why is it, whenever I`m trying to be really quiet, I end up making even more noise than I would normally make when I`m not even trying to be quiet?

Why is it, when on the rare occasion where I get time to have a peaceful, relaxing and deliciously aromatic hot soak in the bath, someone always needs to sit on the toilet beside me and have a poo?

Why is it, whenever I get an unexpected visitor, the carpet is always plastered in crumbs and ripped up magazines?

Why is it, whenever I`m doing a delicates wash, Little Man comes along and changes the settings on the washer?

Why is it, whenever I get the odd chance to write something on my blog, Tiny Man pushes his way to the keyboard and ........ fkhustbn gtguvud vfsssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssfgfmho;p.hl
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